Imagination Card Kindness Card Enlightenment Card Carefree Card Introspection Card Temptation Card Joy Card Motherhood Card devotion Card Ecstasy Card Mischievous Card Dance Card Love Card Freedom Card Confusion Card Anxiety Card

These paintings are a part of a larger project to create a set of cards for a daily single card drawing to discover what your day will bring, or what you should be aware of that might need your attention.  

Your imagination is going to play a big part of your day today. Don't let it get out of control, but use it to your best ability.
Show kindness to everyone you meet today. Smile and be helpful when you can. A simple act of kindness can change someone's life and make it better.
Open your mind and let yourself be open to understanding. See and hear everything that is going on around you. You can learn much from watching and listening.
Time to look inside yourself and discover the dreams you really want to chase. It's not easy to be truthful with yourself but you must do it. You need to find the real you.
You will face some temptation today, and you need to master it, and not give in. Do not let yourself get carried away with any actions today.
Concentrate on the Joy that is in your life. Don't let any negative feelings creep into your thoughts. You have many things to be joyful for.
Use your basic mothering nature as you move around today. Take care of others around you.
Today will require a devotion to your spirituality. Hold onto your devotion, because it might be tested.
This is the greatest feeling that you can have, and you need to let yourself feel it. Don't fight it, remember that you deserve it!
You will feel a little mischievous today, and it's ok. Let yourself enjoy it. Do something a little bit wild.
Be crazy. Dance in the street, or around your room. Let the excitement fill you with happiness. Find a reason to dance and just let yourself go.
You will receive Love today it a way that you are not expecting it. You need to pay attention to what is going on around you so that you can feel that love.
Enjoy your freedom. You don't need to do anything for other people, because you are free to do what feels right to you.
Things may get a little confused today. It's ok, because being confused leads to learning new things. Let yourself work through the confusion and learn something new!
You're going to feel anxious today about something. It's ok, you are going to really feel better in the long run.