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Elaine Guzman Meade

Elaine Marie Stalter was born in the 1960's in Northern New Jersey and has always considered herself to be a Child of Nature. Her goal was to attend an Art School, which never took place. In the 1980's she married Phil Guzman and had two daughters. They bought a house in the Pocono Mountains, but her husband's job was still in New Jersey, which kept him away from home a lot. During this time, she worked with many arts and crafts developing her own special styles.

In the mid 1990's, her husband passed away, and she turned her focus to providing for her two daughters. She still worked on her arts, but her responsibilities to her children didn't allow much time. She got a job in a photo lab in a major retail chain store. She bought herself a camera and found great joy in taking nature photographs, and sitting by a local waterfall.

In 2001 she met Michael Meade

She and Michael blended their talents to bring Elaine's paintings and drawings out to the world. With this encouragement, she expanded her artistic world. Soon they found themselves sharing not only an artistic journey, but also a spiritual one. They opened their store in 2013 to showcase her work. But the spiritual side started to grow as well. Now they have a Metaphysical Store that is highly respected in the Metaphysical Universe.

Elaine still makes many items by hand, but has also invited friends to provide items for the store as well. Elaine calls the store her happy place, and many customers say it's theirs as well.

About this Site

This site is a gallery of Elaine Guzman Artwork. In her store called Cheerful Dreams you can see some of her work and even purchase some. Most of her paintings are not for sale, though some have been put onto coffee mugs along with words by her husband Michael. We hope that you will enjoy her art. Some might say that it is primitive, or avant garde but it is always enjoyable. We hope you enjoy it too.