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A server crash brought this little love angel to her knees!

We have put up an old version of the website, and are working hard to update and make this site very workable.  We hope to have this ready by September 2013.  Thanks for your understanding! 


Our Products are Special!

When we create products we like to have a special feature to make our products stand out.

We use a few different printers to provide our products, but all of our printers are in the United States and they use eco-friendly inks as well as recycle all unused paper and plastic products.

Our Bookmarks are smaller and can be used easily with paperback books as well as hardbound.

Our Inspirational Wallet Cards are about the size of a credit card but thinner and more flexible so that they can easily fit into any wallet.

Picture of our Room to Write Feature

All of the Elaine Guzman Cards and Gifts Greeting Cards have a unique feature that we call "Room to Write." Our inside text is moved up closer to the fold to assure that you have the room for a special message of your own on the card without creating road maps with arrows and lines and such!

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